Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes

4 Seasons

Learn Barnes' no-nonsense path to success.
Jake Barnes has built a multi-million-dollar career out of sheer grit and talent, and at Roping.com, he’s here to pass that try on to you. Barnes is the man at building a practice plan that takes you to the pay window.

Jake Barnes
  • Problem Solving: Head Horse Spinning Out in the Corner

    Episode 1

    All too often, head horses learn to get away from their rider by spinning their hips out in the box. But that problem has a solution, and Jake Barnes explains how he addresses it.

  • Scoring Tricks of the Trade

    Episode 2

    Jake Barnes talks through how he bangs the back gate to loosen a head horse and why.

  • Good Handles vs. Bad Handles

    Episode 3

    What does a good handle look like, and what does a bad handle look like in heading? Jake Barnes breaks down the kind of runs to make on each different type of steer and why.

  • Head Horse Build

    Episode 4

    Jake Barnes prioritizes horse performance above all else. But he's learned a thing or two about how conformation can affect performance.

  • Head Rope Grip

    Episode 5

    How you hold your head rope affects your swing. Jake Barnes shows you the correct way to hold your loop and your slack to get the most effective swing and delivery.

  • The Header's Swing

    Episode 6

    Are you getting a figure-8 in your swing? Here's how to hold and swing the team rope correctly to avoid a figure-8 in your loop.

  • Tension Between Your Hands

    Episode 7

    The tension you keep between your left and right hands has a lot to do with your tip control and your delivery. In this video, Jake Barnes talks about how to determine the right amount of tension between your hands when heading.

  • Feeling the Tip of Your Rope

    Episode 8

    The tip of a rope generates the power in your swing. Jake Barnes addresses the problem of not being able to feel the tip of your rope and how to fix it.

  • Saddling

    Episode 9

    Getting your saddle in the right spot, and staying safe in the process, is an often-overlooked element of team roping.

  • Avoiding Roping Wrecks

    Episode 10

    What NOT to do in the roping pen.

  • Building Four Finale-Winning Runs

    Episode 11

  • Practicing to be High Call at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale

    Episode 12

    You need to practice putting yourself in high-pressure situations in the practice pen. Here's the way to practice for the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale.

  • Logging a Head Horse Part 1

    Episode 13

    What's the best way to log a horse and teach the face? Jake Barnes explains teaching facing by logging a head horse and the dry work needed before you start.

  • Logging a Head Horse Part 2

    Episode 14

    What's the best way to log a horse and teach the face? Jake Barnes explains teaching facing by logging a head horse and the dry work needed before you start.

  • Fine-Tuning Aggressive, Green Horses

    Episode 15

    Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper ride almost-ready-to-rodeo green horses through a windy practice session.

  • Why Ropers Miss Slow Cattle

    Episode 16

    There are two reasons ropers miss slow cattle, and in this video, Jake Barnes addresses these reasons and how to fix them.

  • What Does Feeling the Tip of Your Rope Mean

    Episode 17

    Can you feel the tip of your rope? What does that even mean? Jake Barnes breaks down what feeling the tip of your rope truly means.

  • Body Position When Heading

    Episode 18

    How should you stand when you rope the dummy, and what should your posture look like? In this video, Jake Barnes explains the ideal body position for heading.

  • The Benefits of Roping Muleys

    Episode 19

    With horned cattle prices high, how can you make muleys work in your practice pen? Jake Barnes and Clay Cooper have been roping muleys for decades, and in this video Barnes breaks down how they help him and his horses.

  • Making the Most of a Miss

    Episode 20

    A miss—especially in the practice pen—isn't always a bad thing. Here's how you can still make a win out of a no-time at home.

  • Warmup Plan for Responsiveness

    Episode 21

    Your head horse's warm-up routine can affect the way he works in the run. Here's how World Champion Jake Barnes prepares his head horses to be snappy and sharp.

  • How to Walk-Score for Your Head Horse

    Episode 22

    Walk scoring a head horse is a great way to maintain responsiveness and calm throughout a run. In this video, Jake Barnes demonstrates how to walk score and covers the benefits of this overlooked practice.

  • Feel in the Bridle

    Episode 23

    Will your head horse like a roller bit? Jake Barnes talks through the benefits of using a ported bit with a roller in the middle and explains why his head horse prefers it.

  • Head Horse Preference

    Episode 24

    What kind of head horse should a ready-to-compete roper be looking for? Jake Barnes talks about the type of rope horse he needs and the attributes he wants in one.