Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes

4 Seasons

Learn Barnes' no-nonsense path to success.
Jake Barnes has built a multi-million-dollar career out of sheer grit and talent, and at Roping.com, he’s here to pass that try on to you. Barnes is the man at building a practice plan that takes you to the pay window.

Jake Barnes
  • Jake Barnes' Dummy Roping Masterclass

    Episode 1

    Dummy work is extremely important to Jake Barnes. In this video, Jake explains how he got into roping and his science behind roping the dummy.

  • Dummy Drill to Add Speed to Your Swing

    Episode 2

    Jake Barnes goes over a few drills to help a roper rope faster.

  • Body Position When Heading

    Episode 3

    How should you stand when you rope the dummy, and what should your posture look like? In this video, Jake Barnes explains the ideal body position for heading.