Inside the Relentless Remuda

Inside the Relentless Remuda

4 Seasons

Bringing in a smoking $707,079.80 in total earnings in 2023 and continuing their success into 2024, the Relentless Remuda is lighting the rope horse market on fire. Step inside the training program partnership of 26X World Champion Trevor Brazile and renowned horse trainer Miles Baker as they raise and train top-level performance horses. From groundwork to colt-starting to futurity practice sessions and everything in between, this playlist gives exclusive access to what it takes to make great rope horses.

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Inside the Relentless Remuda
  • Inside the Remuda: Futurity Standout BoomBoom Firecracker

    Episode 1

    BoomBoom Firecracker has nearly swept the American Rope Horse Futurity Association events in 2021. He's a prime example of Brazile's start-to-finish program, and in this video Brazile breaks down what makes him so great.

  • Inside the Remuda: Bama Cat

    Episode 2

    Meet Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker's Bama Cat, a 4-year-old heel horse that they're excited to show in the futurities this year. 

  • Inside the Remuda: Rolex

    Episode 3

    Rolex is another young horse Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker have been working on together, heading and heeling at their Decatur facility. See inside the program.

  • Inside the Remuda: Friday

    Episode 4

    Friday is a talented aged head horse that Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker use as a help horse. The horse had a problem with keeping his butt in the corner before Brazile and Baker bought him, and he would shift his hips under the rope in the corner. This video describes how Brazile fixed these iss...