Elevate your horsemanship skills to excel in the dynamic world of team roping with our comprehensive video collection. Our expert coaches, including Clay O'Brien Cooper, Trevor Brazile, Miles Baker, Rhen and Kaden Richard and Dakota Kirchenschlager, provide invaluable insights into the crucial role of horsemanship in roping success.

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  • How To Build A Relationship with Your Horse

  • Backing a Free Horse Off the Bridle

    Using your bridle reins and your feet to back a strong horse up after a run can get them paying attention for future runs. Lari Dee Guy and Aspen Miller explain how that works.

  • Introducing a Curb Bit

    Horseman Justin Briggs shows the typical progression of his program as he introduces a 3-year-old Mr Cinnamon Roll x Dash Ta Fame to the curb bit.

  • Feel in the Bridle

    Will your head horse like a roller bit? Jake Barnes talks through the benefits of using a ported bit with a roller in the middle and explains why his head horse prefers it.

  • How To Be In Sync With Your Horse [MS]

  • Horsemanship Tips For Those With A New Horse [JB]

  • The Benefits of Roping Muleys

    With horned cattle prices high, how can you make muleys work in your practice pen? Jake Barnes and Clay Cooper have been roping muleys for decades, and in this video Barnes breaks down how they help him and his horses.

  • How To Build Speedy Muscle Memory [JB]

  • Futurity Horse Prep | Managing Performance

    The weekend ahead of a futurity competition, Dakota Kirchenschlager puts some finishing touches on his 5-year-old mount. In their first run out the box, Kirchenschlager discovers a green horse with the right ideas but in need of management.

  • Staying in Time with the Loper

    Draw the loper? Roping older cattle at the jackpot? Patrick Smith talks about how important control of your horse is to keeping your timing on slower cattle.

  • Scoring A Problem Horse

    Rickey Green coaches ropers through a practice session with a horse that's bad in the box and talks about how he overcomes a horse that wants to be hot in the box.

  • The End of a Run

    The way your horse finishes a run in the practice pen can affect the way he pulls across the pen in competition. Jake Barnes talks through how you should finish your run at home so your horse stays strong in competition

  • Protecting Your Rope Horse Investment

    Keeping a horse working isn't just a matter of winning. With the skyrocketing price of rope horses, making sure your horse stays solid is the best way to protect your financial investment. In this video, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker analyze how that works in the rope horse business.

  • Coaching & Motivating Children

    Safety and fun are two things to focus on when starting kids in the rodeo world. Nora Hunt-Lee explains how to successfully get your kids started in the roping world. She shares many tips on how to keep kids safe, including picking proper horses, equipment, and practice tactics. She also discusse...

  • Reinforcing Respect in the Bridle

    Consistent, small cues are critical in a rope horse program. Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker explain how they reinforce their cues and how they insure their horses are listening.

  • Balancing Your Reins & Controlling Your Horse

    There is a delicate balance between keeping control of your horse and staying out of his mouth. Work on your left hand positioning with Patrick Smith.

  • Managing Your Horse's Mind

    Every horse has different abilities, both mentally and physically. In this video, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker use a 4-year-old mare as an example of how they modify their training to fit each individual’s temperament and abilities. In this video they demonstrate scoring, breakaway roping and m...

  • Secrets From 1,000 Clinics (Rickey Green)

    Rickey Green taught more roping clinics than anyone else in the business, and over the decades he learned a trick or two to help ropers improve their game using the fundamentals.

  • How to Approach Sensitive Colts

    Professional horseman Justin Briggs answers the question posed by a viewer as to how he approaches a hypersenstive colt.

  • Warmup Plan for Responsiveness

    Your head horse's warm-up routine can affect the way he works in the run. Here's how World Champion Jake Barnes prepares his head horses to be snappy and sharp.