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Dive deep into the fundamentals of heeling in team roping with our instructional video collection, led by a lineup of coaches including Clay O'Brien Cooper, Rickey Green, Miles Baker, Joseph Harrison, Dakota Kirchenschlager and more. Our video library is organized into distinct subcategories, each designed to enhance your heeling skills:
Fundamentals: Build a strong foundation in heeling with comprehensive lessons on the core principles and techniques essential for success in team roping.
Dummy Work: Practice your heeling technique with purpose and precision using dummy work exercises that help you refine your accuracy and consistency.
Box Work & Scoring: Heel horses don’t get as much focused instruction in the box as head horses, but the way they stand and leave is still important for good position and timing down the arena.
Swing: Learn the nuances of achieving a balanced and effective swing, optimizing your chances of making precise catches during roping runs.
Delivery: Explore the mechanics of delivering your loop accurately and efficiently, enhancing your ability to rope the steer's hind legs consistently.
Dallying: Discover the intricacies of dallying, including proper technique and timing, to secure your catch and keep your fingers.
Stopping: Gain insights into stopping your horse effectively, maintaining control, and setting up the ideal shot for successful heeling.
Corner Work: Control your horse through the corner with proper position and spacing, ensuring you're in the right spot to execute flawless heel shots in various arena scenarios.
Position and Timing: Fine-tune your positioning and timing skills, crucial for achieving a higher catch percentage, better horsemanship and a more controlled run.
Our video collection offers a comprehensive and detailed exploration of these critical heeling subcategories, with guidance from world-class coaches who share their decades of experience and championship-winning strategies. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned heeler, our instructional videos will help you refine your skills, gain confidence, and excel in the exciting world of team roping. Start learning from the best today to elevate your heeling game to new heights.

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  • Dummy Roping Session Part 3

    Episode 1

    In this video, Dean Tuftin shows why they rope the dummy in a circle on young horses and what their focus is for each horse.

  • Dummy Roping Session Part 2

    Episode 2

    At DT Horses, the focus is on what's best for the horse, not a timeline. In this video, Dean Tuftin heels the dummy in a snaffle at a trot.

  • Dummy Roping Session

    Episode 3

    Even when heading, instilling circles is important. Dean Tuftin explains how following the dummy in a circle when heading reinforces a horse's left lead and keep them left at a good width from a steer.

  • The Ultimate NFR-Steer Dummy

    Episode 4

    Cesar de la Cruz and his brother developed a special dummy for the cattle at the National Finals Rodeo, where the steers’ legs come out more wide-legged than at a normal rodeo. In this video, de la Cruz describes how he heels his “Clifford Franklin” dummy to master his coverage and timing on the ...

  • Hox and Pipe Sawhorse Session with Cesar de la Cruz

    Episode 5

     Cesar de la Cruz believes the heel loop is never thrown; instead, he says it’s placed in position. He talks about how to finesse his heel loop to the ground with his fingertips without even swinging the rope.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 4

    Episode 6

    Dean Tuftin explains why it's important for horses to want to be soft and respond to you in the way you need, without being scared of you.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 1

    Episode 7

    At DT Horses, ground zero for heel horses revolves around circle drills. Dean Tuftin explains how and why he uses circle drills on the dummy and live cattle to train young horses and help them gain confidence.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 2

    Episode 8

    Curvature in a heel horse can help make them easier to catch on. Dean Tuftin explains how a little bit of curve in horses in the turn makes them softer and allows a rider to move a horse's ribcages and hips over better.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 3

    Episode 9

    It might seem simple, but focusing on circles when warming up on the dummy teaches a horse to go to work without anxiety. Dean Tuftin explains how the circle drill keeps a horse soft instead of bracing.

  • Dummy Roping Lesson with Junior Nogueira

    Episode 10

    Junior Nogueira breaks down some common mistakes in heeling fundamentals and explains his style of throwing his rope. He even matches characteristics of his roping alongside students of the Smarty Young Pro clinic to compare their swings.

  • Full Heeling Dummy Roping Lesson

    Episode 11

    Matt Sherwood is a two-time World Champion Header, as well as an American finalist in the heeling behind Derrick Begay. In this video, he explains position on the ground on the heeling dummy. 

  • Dummy Instruction with Patrick Smith

    Episode 12

    Angles and positioning are just as important on the dummy as they are on your heel horse. Patrick Smith explains these topics, and feeding your rope for maximum efficiency on the heel side in this video. Watch this clip from the Legend film.

  • Slow-Lope Drill on the Smarty

    Episode 13

    Joseph Harrison demonstrates a drill he uses on the Smarty sled to keep his heel horses in position and latched onto the cow. 

  • Heeling Practice on the Sawhorse: How and Why 

    Episode 14

    Heeling the sawhorse has been a part of Clay O'Brien Cooper's regime for years. In this video, Clay explains how to rope the sawhorse and why it's so important.

  • Smarty Drills for Finished Rodeo Horse

    Episode 15

    Joseph Harrison demonstrates how he uses the Smarty sled to insure his rodeo horses stay sharp and responsive. 

  • Hox Roping Session

    Episode 16

    Erich Rogers might be a World Champion header, but he's an all-around hand who competes in the Cinch Timed Event Championship year after year. He can heel with the best of them, and in this video he works with Navajo Nation Veterans on the HeelOMatic Hox. 

  • Most Common Mistakes on The Smarty Pipes

    Episode 17

    “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” In this video brought to you by Lone Star Ropes, Patrick Smith explains some of the most common mistakes ropers make when roping the Smarty Pipes—and how to fix them. “I think it’s really important that you rope the dummy on the gro...

  • Horseback Dummy Drills

    Episode 18

  • Smarty Drill to Gain Respect and Control

    Episode 19

    Joseph Harrison demonstrates a drill he uses on the Smarty sled to maximize respect and control in a heel horse. 

  • Consistent Cues on the Smarty

    Episode 20

    Joseph Harrison explains how critical consistent cues are for heel horses—whether it's on the Smarty sled or live cattle. 

  • Dummy Roping: Tip Control Drill

    Episode 21

    This is a must-do dummy drill from Matt Sherwood on controlling your tip. Watch an entire dummy-roping session from one of Sherwood's clinics here. 

  • The Importance Of Position On The Sled

    Episode 22

    Training your horse and yourself to stay in good position starts on the sled. This controlled environment can help you get the reps needed to become a positioning pro.

  • Creating Good Position on the Smarty Sidekick

    Episode 23

    Rhen Richard demonstrates what good position means when roping the Smarty Sidekick. 

  • Pushing Your Horse Around The Corner On The Machine

    Episode 24