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Unlock the secrets of successful heading in team roping with our exclusive collection of instructional videos. Featuring a lineup of coaches including Trevor Brazile, Miles Baker, Jake Barnes, Matt Sherwood, Rhen Richard, Tate Kirchenschlager, Dakota Kirchenschalger and more, this comprehensive video library is your ticket to mastering the essential skills and strategies required to elevate your heading game.

Our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection offers in-depth insights into the art of heading, catering to ropers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation of scoring, riding and roping or an experienced roper aiming to learn to reach or train head horses, our videos provide invaluable guidance to up your team roping game.

Key Highlights of Our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection:
1. Elite Coaching Team: Learn from a stellar roster of team roping experts, including world champions and seasoned horse trainers, who share their vast knowledge and years of experience.
2.Fundamental Building Blocks: Gain a firm grasp of the core principles like rope handling and swing mechanics that underpin successful heading, as well as horsemanship to positioning and timing.
3.Step-by-Step Instruction: Our videos break down complex skills into manageable, easy-to-follow steps, ensuring you can learn at your own pace.
4.Proven Strategies: Discover the practice strategies and tactics that the pros use to consistently teach students at roping clinics.
5.Teamwork and Communication: Explore the critical aspects of teamwork and communication between headers and heelers, vital for success in team roping.
6.Practice Drills: Access a variety of practice drills and exercises to help you hone your skills and build muscle memory both behind a roping machine or roping dummy and on live cattle.

Whether you aspire to compete at the highest levels of team roping or simply want to enjoy weekends in the practice pen, our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection is your ultimate resource for heading success. With the guidance of renowned coaches like Trevor Brazile, Miles Baker, Jake Barnes, Matt Sherwood, Rhen Richard, Tate Kirchenschlager and more, you'll be well on your way to better roping.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your team roping skills to the next level. Start your journey toward heading mastery today and experience the satisfaction of achieving your roping goals with our comprehensive video collection.

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  • Waving It Off Little Horns

    Episode 1

    The key to keeping your loop on little horns lies in your positioning and keeping your head horses working their best. Learn how to work on these things and your delivery to ensure your loop has the most effective curl.

  • Riding Calmly To the Steer

    Episode 2

    Bubba Buckaloo has a unique style of leaving the box on a head horse. In this video, he explains how and why he leaves the corner and runs to the steer. 

  • Understanding Momentum of a Run

    Episode 3

    Keeping the steer's head will keep the momentum of a run. JR Dees explains the angle necessary to make that happen.

  • Lane Position on the Smarty

    Episode 4

    Rhen Richard demonstrates the lane he likes to rope from and why that lane matters. 

  • Staying with Your Horse Out of the Box

    Episode 5

    Even NFR average champ Luke Brown has things he needs to work on in his roping. In this video, Brown explains how he's addressing an issue that he sees in his own roping. 

  • Body Position in the Box

    Episode 6

  • Creating Good Position on the Smarty Ground Dummy

    Episode 7

    Rhen Richard demonstrates what good position means when roping the Smarty Sidekick. 

  • Riding to Your Target Square

    Episode 8

    Leaning away from your throw will prevent consistent catching. In this video, Clay Smith explains how to leave the box and ride to the steer to ride to your target effectively.

  • Body Position When Heading

    Episode 9

    How should you stand when you rope the dummy, and what should your posture look like? In this video, Jake Barnes explains the ideal body position for heading.

  • Relentless Insights: Ensuring Your Target Matches Your Roping Style

    Episode 10

    Trevor Brazile talks through a header’s target on the horns in relation to the position he rides on cattle. 

  • Position Behind the Steer

    Episode 11

    Too many heelers commonly get in close straight behind the steer, losing sight of the feet—causing them to miss completely or rope a leg. In this video, Travis Graves explains where ropers should be coming through the turn and across the pen and how to achieve that.

  • Holding the Saddle Horn or Cocking the Rope

    Episode 12

    Are you faster when you cock your rope in the corner or when you hold the saddle horn? Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker analyze their swings from each position and talk through which is best.

  • Hand Position Throughout a Run

    Episode 13

    How to use smooth and subtle signals throughout a heading run, with 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile.

  • Relentless Insights: Target and Position Roping Both Horns at Once

    Episode 14

  • The Right Lane for Open-Level Jackpot Runs

    Episode 15

    With open-level jackpots getting faster and faster, Luke Brown talks about the position he rides to stay competitive. 

  • Heading Position Using the Dummy

    Episode 16

    Where should you be in position in relation to the steer and why? World Champion Matt Sherwood explains the fundamentals of position and horse control, and how that affects catching steers.

  • Swings in Position that Count

    Episode 17

  • Swings in Position that Count

    Episode 18

    Heading doesn’t always have to be hard. Walt Woodard explains to headers which swings that count when heading are the swings that you take when you’re in position to head the steer.

  • Swings in Position that Count

    Episode 19

    Heading doesn’t always have to be hard. Walt Woodard explains to headers which swings that count when heading are the swings that you take when you’re in position to head the steer.

  • How To Get Into Position Quicker [JB]

    Episode 20

  • Position Leaving the Box

    Episode 21

    Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp set their run up leaving the box to maximize their catch percentages. In this video, they both talk about how they leave the box to set their runs up for success

  • Approaching The Steer

    Episode 22

  • Correct Body Position Coming Out Of The Box [MS]

    Episode 23

  • Position to be Fast

    Episode 24

    Even when you're trying to reach as a header, you've got to ride your horse to the steer before widening. BFI Champion JR Dees talks about how he throws fast and keeps a horse working.