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Unlock the secrets of successful heading in team roping with our exclusive collection of instructional videos. Featuring a lineup of coaches including Trevor Brazile, Miles Baker, Jake Barnes, Matt Sherwood, Rhen Richard, Tate Kirchenschlager, Dakota Kirchenschalger and more, this comprehensive video library is your ticket to mastering the essential skills and strategies required to elevate your heading game.

Our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection offers in-depth insights into the art of heading, catering to ropers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation of scoring, riding and roping or an experienced roper aiming to learn to reach or train head horses, our videos provide invaluable guidance to up your team roping game.

Key Highlights of Our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection:
1. Elite Coaching Team: Learn from a stellar roster of team roping experts, including world champions and seasoned horse trainers, who share their vast knowledge and years of experience.
2.Fundamental Building Blocks: Gain a firm grasp of the core principles like rope handling and swing mechanics that underpin successful heading, as well as horsemanship to positioning and timing.
3.Step-by-Step Instruction: Our videos break down complex skills into manageable, easy-to-follow steps, ensuring you can learn at your own pace.
4.Proven Strategies: Discover the practice strategies and tactics that the pros use to consistently teach students at roping clinics.
5.Teamwork and Communication: Explore the critical aspects of teamwork and communication between headers and heelers, vital for success in team roping.
6.Practice Drills: Access a variety of practice drills and exercises to help you hone your skills and build muscle memory both behind a roping machine or roping dummy and on live cattle.

Whether you aspire to compete at the highest levels of team roping or simply want to enjoy weekends in the practice pen, our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection is your ultimate resource for heading success. With the guidance of renowned coaches like Trevor Brazile, Miles Baker, Jake Barnes, Matt Sherwood, Rhen Richard, Tate Kirchenschlager and more, you'll be well on your way to better roping.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your team roping skills to the next level. Start your journey toward heading mastery today and experience the satisfaction of achieving your roping goals with our comprehensive video collection.

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  • Live Scoring with Trevor Brazile

    Episode 1

    Head horses need to be introduced to live scores. When the gate bangs, the heeler needs to make some form of forward movement so the head horse sees movement. Trevor Brazile explains what live scoring is and why it's beneficial.

  • Trouble-Shooting Box Issues | Practice Session

    Episode 2

    In this full practice session, Brad Lund heads on a daughter of DT Sugar Chex Whiz, the mare Billie Jack Saebens won Horse of the Year aboard. Lund addresses issues that have arisen from a winter in the show pen on a 4-year-old, while Kirchenschlager talks trouble-shooting a heel horse.

  • Fresh-Horse Box Work

    Episode 3

    There's no need to pick a fight with a fresh head horse—especially if you know the horse inside and out. Starting your practice session off by allowing your head horse to settle in can be the best way to set your practice up for success, says horse trainer Bert McGill.

  • Nervous Horse Scoring

    Episode 4

    Dustin Egusquiza has a good horse that gets flat nervous in the box. He talks through a session of scoring him to explain rewarding a nervous horse in the box. 

  • Leaving The Box

    Episode 5

    Holding your saddle horn in the box can have advantages over cocking your rope. Kevin Stewart discusses how to ride your horse efficiently out of the box.

  • Up and Back Scoring Drill

    Episode 6

    Kolton Schmidt wants his horses to leave off his cues and his cues only. He pushes his horses forward and back in the box to make that happen, and in this video he describes the drill.

  • Knowing When to Score

    Episode 7

    How do you know it's time to score, and how do you know when to rope? Bert McGill talks about what he wants to feel from his head horses in the box and why.

  • Riding A Nervous Horse In The Box

    Episode 8

    Keeping your horses relaxed in the corner is vital to getting a good start. Kevin Stewart discusses how to slowly back your horses into the corner to keep them calm, and how to ride them across the line smoothly.

  • Balance Leaving The Box

    Episode 9

    Patrick Smith breaks down some side-by-side footage with his dad. Smith focuses on how to help your horse leave the box comfortably and with balance.

  • Leaning in the Box: Quick Fix

    Episode 10

  • Riding Your Horse In The Box

    Episode 11

    Riding your horse in different directions in the box can help you in tricky setups down the road. Kevin Stewart walks you through some tips for turning your horses in the box, and helping them be relaxed in the corner.

  • Scoring and Facing Work on a 5-Year-Old Race-Bred Gelding

    Episode 12

    JD Yates is getting a 5-year-old, racing-bred gelding ready for a futurity. In this video, Yates works on getting him facing and scoring properly.

  • Scoring on Head Horses vs. Scoring on Heel Horses

    Episode 13

  • How to Walk-Score for Your Head Horse

    Episode 14

    Walk scoring a head horse is a great way to maintain responsiveness and calm throughout a run. In this video, Jake Barnes demonstrates how to walk score and covers the benefits of this overlooked practice.

  • Relentless Insights: How to Ride Into the Head Box

    Episode 15

  • Relaxing in the Box

    Episode 16

    Derrick Begay gives step-by-step instructions for relaxing in the heading box before you nod your head. 

  • Practicing for the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale

    Episode 17

    You cannot be afraid to run at the barrier at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale. Jake Barnes talks about how you should prepare to win and what sort of start you need.

  • How Scoring Should Fit Into Your Practice Plan

    Episode 18

    Scoring must be an essential part of your team roping practice routine. Seven-time World Champion Jake Barnes explains how he analyzes how often his horses need to score and why.

  • Head Control in the Box

    Episode 19

  • Teaching Rein Pressure and Comfort in the Box

    Episode 20

    It's a common question: How hard should you pull in the box to get the start you want? Lane Ivy gives you some guidelines on getting a good go.

  • Brazile's Scoring Theory

    Episode 21

    Trevor Brazile spends most of his time in the roping pen inside the box. Here's how he wants one in the corner and how he achieves the scoring his horses are so famous for.

  • Understanding Scoring Timing with Box and Steer Size Variables

    Episode 22

    Understanding the timing of scoring in different sized boxes with a wide variety of cattle is critical for a successful team roper, and the late Rickey Green explains his theories only on Roping.com.

  • Scoring with Trevor Brazile

    Episode 23

    Trevor Brazile believes that many problems can be fixed in team roping with the right start. In this video, he breaks down various starts and discusses how to see your start, and ride correctly in order to have a quick shot. Watch this clip from the Legend film.

  • What to Do After You Score

    Episode 24