Goat Tying Rodeo Video Vault

Goat Tying Rodeo Video Vault

Roping.com is proud to bring you goat-tying classics straight from the Rodeo Video Vault. Learn from legends Kit Gilbert and Lynn Smith the ins and outs of goat tying in these iconic educational videos.

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Goat Tying Rodeo Video Vault
  • Better Basics Goat Tying Invitational with Lynn Smith

    Former Better Basics students gather from coast to coast of the United States and Canada to compete in a three head goat tying match at the Wyoming State Fairground in Douglas, Wyoming at the nation's highest paying goat tying event. Contestants of various ages put together some fast times and a ...

  • Better Basics Goat Tying with Lynn Smith

    The classic course for goat tyers that has stood the test of time: with this video, you’ll refine your goat tying techniques and win more! From her experience coaching and collegiate team and instructing clinics, Lynn Smith will show you how to improve on the basics of horsemanship, dismounting, ...

  • Better Basics Advanced Goat Tying With Lynn Smith

  • Goat Tying with Kit Gilbert

    Kit Gilbert now presents on video the goat tying instruction that has been so valuable to the young people who attend her clinics. Kit teaches how to position your horse, how to keep your horse working for you, exactly how to dismount, how to approach the goat, how to block it and flank it, and h...