Goat Tying

Goat Tying

Take your goat tying up a notch with Next Level Goat Tying's Stacey Martin. Watch these education videos that cover gear, fundamentals, ways to cut time, drills, and more! Plus: unlock the Rodeo Video Vault and watch the jackpot action in the "Better Basics Goat Tying Invitational with Lynn Smith" and "Goat Tying with Kit Gilbert."

Goat Tying
  • Tennis Ball Drill on the Goat Tying Dummy

    To avoid standing up when flanking, Stacey Martin uses the tennis ball drill. In this video, Stacey shows how to use the tennis ball drill on the goat tying dummy.

  • Tennis Ball Drill on Live Goats

    The tennis ball drill can also be used on live goats. Stacey Martin demonstrates how to do the tennis ball drill on live goats to prevent standing up when flanking.

  • Life of Stacey Martin

    Stacey Martin is a top-level goat tying clinician, producing Next Level Goat Tying clinics. Stacey talks about her goat tying career and how she became an instructor.

  • Being a College Rodeo Coach

    Aside from being an instructor, Stacey Martin is also the women's coach at Panola College. Stacey describes what it's like to serve as a college rodeo coach and how college rodeo impacts goat tyers in the long run.

  • The Story of Hurricane Laura

    In 2020, Stacey Martin and her family were living in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and were hit by Hurricane Laura. In this video Stacey talks about the impact it had on her family.

  • Types of Goat Tying Strings

    Nylon vs. cotton, 2-ply vs. 3-ply- there are so many options out there for goat strings. Stacey Martin discusses which strings she prefers.

  • Mental Game Side of Goat Tying

    There is a mental aspect to every rodeo event. In this video, Stacey Martin explains the mental side of goat tying and how to elevate your mental game.

  • Stacey Martin

    6 seasons

    Stacey Martin’s teaching method breaks the sport into three parts: learning to compete (mental toughness), physical fitness and goat tying. She believes drills and slow work are paramount in developing the muscle memory required to be successful in rodeo. Martin’s students also practice in high-p...