Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson

5 Seasons

Three-time WPRA World Champion and two-time NFBR Qualifier Erin Johnson is crushing it! Want to learn how Erin does it? Watch all of Erin’s elite training videos here!

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Erin Johnson
  • Erin Johnson: Scoring

    Episode 1

    The start in a breakaway roping run is critical. That is why scoring is something breakaway ropers should work on in the practice pen. Erin Johnson breaks down how to score a breakaway roping horse.

  • Reading Cattle with Erin Johnson

    Episode 2

    Reading cattle comes with experience. Erin Johnson explains how to read cattle when you don't know exactly what the calf you draw at the jackpot or rodeo might be like.

  • Practice with a Purpose

    Episode 3

    You practice for a reason. Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter explain why ropers should go into a practice session with a purpose in mind to get the most out of your practice.

  • Erin Johnson: Practicing Fundamentally Correct for your Horse

    Episode 4

    Erin Johnson explains roping fundamentally correct for your horse helps create good habits for you and your horse.

  • Horse Fitness: Keeping Your Horse Physically Fit on the Road

    Episode 5

    Hauling from rodeo to rodeo can be strenuous on a horse. Linsay Sumpter and Erin Johnson explain the importance of keeping your horse fit while on the road.

  • Buddy System: Using a Friend to Help Tie Your Breakaway Rope to Your Saddle Horn

    Episode 6

    Tying your rodeo rope on to your saddle horn can be challenging. Erin Johnson, with the help of Linsay Sumpter, demonstrates how to use a friend to securely tie on your rope.

  • How to Tie Your Rodeo Rope to Your Saddle Horn

    Episode 7

    Erin Johnson shows breakaway ropers how to tie their rodeo rope on to their saddle horn for competition.