Dean Tuftin

Dean Tuftin

2 Seasons

American Rope Horse Futurity Association founder and roping pioneer Dean Tuftin takes you inside his training program. Learn from a true icon in the futurity world on what it takes to make some of the best horses in the business.

Dean Tuftin
  • Dummy Roping Session Part 3

    Episode 1

    In this video, Dean Tuftin shows why they rope the dummy in a circle on young horses and what their focus is for each horse.

  • Dummy Roping Session Part 2

    Episode 2

    At DT Horses, the focus is on what's best for the horse, not a timeline. In this video, Dean Tuftin heels the dummy in a snaffle at a trot.

  • Dummy Roping Session

    Episode 3

    Even when heading, instilling circles is important. Dean Tuftin explains how following the dummy in a circle when heading reinforces a horse's left lead and keep them left at a good width from a steer.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 3

    Episode 4

    It might seem simple, but focusing on circles when warming up on the dummy teaches a horse to go to work without anxiety. Dean Tuftin explains how the circle drill keeps a horse soft instead of bracing.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 4

    Episode 5

    Dean Tuftin explains why it's important for horses to want to be soft and respond to you in the way you need, without being scared of you.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 2

    Episode 6

    Curvature in a heel horse can help make them easier to catch on. Dean Tuftin explains how a little bit of curve in horses in the turn makes them softer and allows a rider to move a horse's ribcages and hips over better.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Circle Warm-Up Part 1

    Episode 7

    At DT Horses, ground zero for heel horses revolves around circle drills. Dean Tuftin explains how and why he uses circle drills on the dummy and live cattle to train young horses and help them gain confidence.