Clay Smith

Clay Smith

2 Seasons

Clay Smith, 2X World Champion and 9X NFR qualifier, breaks down heading fundamentals and dummy drills in his series on

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Clay Smith
  • Coil-Away Loop Size

    Episode 1

    Over feeding slows your horse down by shortening the distance between your hands and causing you to over-engage the bridle reins. A big loop can prevent that.  

  • Breakover

    Episode 2

    Keeping spring in your arm to keep your breakover outside the right horn. 

  • Reaching Fundamentals

    Episode 3

    Reaching can increase your ability to make a run work when everything isn't perfect. To do it right, you've got to practice hard on the dummy, and World Champion Clay Smith explains how to shorten the margin of error. 

  • The First Swing in Jackpot Mode

    Episode 4

    The way you leave the box and get your first swing up dictates your ability to easily rope the cow.

  • Riding to Your Target Square

    Episode 5

    Leaning away from your throw will prevent consistent catching. In this video, Clay Smith explains how to leave the box and ride to the steer to ride to your target effectively.

  • Rope Control on the Loper

    Episode 6

    When you draw the loper, some fundamentals go out the window. Clay Smith outlines what happens with his loop and delivery when he's trying to be fast on the best steer in the herd. 

  • Putting English on Your Loop: Keeping Your Loop on Little Horned Steers

    Episode 7

    World Champion Clay Smith has developed a mastery in keeping his loop on smaller horned steers. In this video, he explains what it means to put English on his delivery to keep from waving it off. 

  • Understanding the Bottom Strand

    Episode 8

    The bottom strand is the part of your rope that is responsible for your catches. Clay Smith explains how that part of the rope most effectively catches horns and how to improve bottom strand control. 

  • Give Yourself Some Slack

    Episode 9

    Clay Smith explains why pulling your slack too fast can cause you to split the horns, and having ext

  • Rope Horse Nutrition

    Episode 10

    Clay Smith and ADM Animal Nutrition's Mike Barrett talks about how to feed rope horses to keep them in prime condition for excellent performance.