Clay Smith

Clay Smith

2 Seasons

Clay Smith, 2X World Champion and 9X NFR qualifier, breaks down heading fundamentals and dummy drills in his series on

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Clay Smith
  • Dummy Roping Routine

    Episode 1

    Clay Smith says he uses the dummy to address any weaknesses in his game, and in this video he descri

  • Full Horseback Dummy Roping Session with Clay Smith

    Episode 2

    Get into the practice pen at the Pitzer Ranch with Clay Smith has he walks a set of ropers of every level through a morning of practice on a ground-driven training dummy horseback. 

  • Full Ground Dummy Roping Session

    Episode 3

    Get a full dummy roping lesson from two-time World Champion Clay Smith, straight from the Pitzer Ranch indoor arena. Smith covers roping big and small horns, identifies swing fundamentals and dos and don'ts of a team roper's swing. Smith also adjusts the swings of students in this clinic, sponsor...

  • Controlling Your Left Hand Roping the Dummy

    Episode 4

    Where you place your left hand matters when you're roping the dummy, helping keep your horse's head out of the way while also helping keep you from handcuffing yourself with your rope. 

  • Understanding Angles When Reaching on the Dummy

    Episode 5

    Where you stand around your roping dummy dictates the angle you swing and deliver your rope. In this video, Clay goes over the angles necessary when reaching. 

  • Reaching Fundamentals

    Episode 6

    Reaching can increase your ability to make a run work when everything isn't perfect. To do it right, you've got to practice hard on the dummy, and World Champion Clay Smith explains how to shorten the margin of error.