Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper

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"Be a student of the game." - Clay O'Brien Cooper
Clay O'Brien Cooper has competed in 29 National Finals Rodeos in his career bringing home 7 World Titles and has earned just over $3 million in career earnings.

Clay O'Brien Cooper
  • Why Heelers Miss

    Episode 1

    There are two common misses in heeling, and Clay O'Brien Cooper breaks them down.

  • Trap Vs. Scoop

    Episode 2

    Trap vs. scoop: What's the difference? Clay O'Brien Cooper explains the difference and the perfect combination of the two.

  • A Heeler's Rein Length

    Episode 3

    The difference between the tension on the left and right rein can affect the way a heel horse works through the corner. Seven-time World Champion Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about how he balances the feel in the bridle reins on each horse

  • Heel Horses: Leaving in the Left or Right Lead?

    Episode 4

    Does it actually matter which lead your heel horse leaves in?

  • The Heeler's Grip

    Episode 5

    The way the heeler holds the rope in his or her hand affects the ability to swing fast and hard and control the tip.

  • Distance Between Your Hands

    Episode 6

    How much distance do you need between your hands and why? Clay O'Brien Cooper explains how the balance between his hands affects his roping.

  • Loop and Coil Size

    Episode 7

    How do you measure out your loop and coil size? Clay O'Brien Cooper has mastered the heel loop with these sizing suggestions.

  • Dally Safety

    Episode 8

    What's the best way to dally to keep your fingers safe when heeling? Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about how not to cut your fingers off when dallying.

  • Scoring on Head Horses vs. Scoring on Heel Horses

    Episode 9

  • Managing Heel Horses in the Box

    Episode 10

    A horse's experience in the box can depend on whether he's heading or heeling, but it doesn't have to. Clay O'Brien Cooper explains how to release your heel horse's anxiety as you wait for the header to nod.

  • Breaking the Heeling Barrier

    Episode 11

    There's little worse in team roping than breaking the heeling barrier. How do you avoid this huge mistake? Clay O'Brien Cooper explains.

  • The Bottom Strand

    Episode 12

    The key to a heel loop that catches two feet is the delivery of the bottom strand. Clay O'Brien Cooper explains the importance of using the bottom strand of your rope.

  • Yes, Your Heel Horse Needs to Break at the Poll. Here's How.

    Episode 13

    How your heel horse responds to pressure from the bridle reins can make or break your run. In this video, Clay O'Brien Cooper talks through how he teaches his heel horses to break at the poll and how that affects the rest of his run.

  • Warmup for Big Stops

    Episode 14

    Each horse has unique needs in a warmup. Heel horses need a great stop, so building some stopping practice into your warmup is key.

  • Backing a Horse Off the Bridle

    Episode 15

    Too much run and try in your heel horse? Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about how he addresses that challenge and how he isolates the problem and makes a correction and a change.