Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper

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"Be a student of the game." - Clay O'Brien Cooper
Clay O'Brien Cooper has competed in 29 National Finals Rodeos in his career bringing home 7 World Titles and has earned just over $3 million in career earnings.

Clay O'Brien Cooper
  • Monitoring Your Horse During a Practice Session

    Episode 1

    Clay O'Brien Cooper is constantly monitoring how his horse is feeling throughout a practice session and adjusting his practice and his game plan based on the responsiveness he's feeling. He talks about how he evaluates and tests his horse in a practice session.

  • Addressing Spooking in the Practice Pen

    Episode 2

    Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper share expectations for young horses and the way they handle spooking and flightiness in the practice pen.

  • Slow-Cattle Practice Session

    Episode 3

    Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper talk through a windy practice session on two very green horses, roping exceptionally slow cattle and trying to maintain control. 

  • Pre-BFI Practice Session

    Episode 4

    As Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper prepared to make an appearance at the 2022 Resistol Reno Open, got into the practice pen with these two legends to learn how they prepare for full-contact competition.

  • Green-Horse Practice Session on Mixed Cattle

    Episode 5

    Clay O'Brien Cooper covers riding young horses in adverse conditions, as well as keeping a young horse focused throughout a practice session.