Caleb Smidt

Caleb Smidt

2 Seasons

Caleb Smidt is the 2015, 2018 and 2021 World Champion tie-down roper, who has won every major title in the sport beyond the gold buckle, too. He's won the Calgary Stampede and The American (twice), and he's won two NFR average buckles, too. He's won the Horse of the Year title with his gelding Pockets, the same horse he's won every major award aboard. He's never missed an NFR qualification since his 2013 Rookie Year, the same year he won the Resistol Rookie of the Year title.

Caleb Smidt
  • Caleb Smidt Makes Practice Runs

    Episode 1

    Get an inside look on 2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt's practice time, including what he looks for in his horses as he works. He talks through adjusting his jerk line to get the most out of his practice horse, Old Yeller, and give his reasoning on whipping a horse down the arena.

  • Battling Out of a Slump

    Episode 2

    2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt keeps a "clean slate" mentality when it comes to getting out of a slump, focusing on the task at hand instead of what's happened in the past.

  • Caleb Smidt's SMARTY Practice Hacks

    Episode 3

    Caleb Smidt likes to switch things up while roping the Smarty, and explains how roping from odd positions serves him well in the arena.

  • The Best Practice Horse in the Game

    Episode 4

    Caleb Smidt highlights a horse that made him and one that often doesn't see the limelight. "Old Yeller" is a solid citizen through and through, often giving Smidt 20 or 30 runs in a practice session with little scoring. Some of Old Yeller's strengths include stopping hard and boosting Smidt's con...