Caleb Smidt

Caleb Smidt

2 Seasons

Caleb Smidt is the 2015, 2018 and 2021 World Champion tie-down roper, who has won every major title in the sport beyond the gold buckle, too. He's won the Calgary Stampede and The American (twice), and he's won two NFR average buckles, too. He's won the Horse of the Year title with his gelding Pockets, the same horse he's won every major award aboard. He's never missed an NFR qualification since his 2013 Rookie Year, the same year he won the Resistol Rookie of the Year title.

Caleb Smidt
  • Breaking Down a Miss: Elbow Position

    Episode 1

    Caleb Smidt explains why he missed due to a dropped elbow. He pushed his rope, hit the calf on the right and the didn't get the figure eight over the back. Smidt goes over how NOT to let this happen and throw clean loops.

  • Calf Roping Philosophy

    Episode 2

    Caleb Smidt keeps a "simple is better" philosophy when it comes to roping, and encourages ropers to get comfortable with their rope in random positions. Experience is the best teacher, so Smidt wants ropers to get out there with a rope in their hand and make the process second nature.

  • Logging a Calf Horse

    Episode 3

    2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt explains how he sets up his logging sessions for success, from where he is in the arena to how he sharpens his horses' cues. He shows how to get horses to commit to backing and gives his tips on getting a horse to relax at the end of the rope.

  • Essential Tie-Down Roping Gear

    Episode 4

    Caleb Smidt discusses his bits, keepers, strings, and why he doesn't like tight tie-downs on his horses. He gives the inside scoop on his library of jerk lines and the benefits of being able to play around with the jerk line on a horse. He also breaks down his reasoning on grass vs. poly ropes an...

  • Calf Roper's Loop Size

    Episode 5

    Caleb Smidt explains how he's chosen his loop size and how it fits his style. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes plus how to adjust the loop mid-run. Smidt likes the eye to stay near the top of the calf's neck throughout the run and explains how a larger loop can get...

  • Tie-Down Roper's Left Hand

    Episode 6

    2022 World Champion Caleb Smidt talks through how he positions a horse with his left hand in certain situations, and why the left hand is so important in setting a run up for success. He covers common mistakes that come with going on autopilot with the left hand and what ropers can do to stay in-...

  • Pulling Your Slack

    Episode 7

    2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt goes over his two-step process how to best pull slack, making things efficient and clean. He explains how a bigger loop can get both horse and rider in a wreck with too much slack to pull efficiently.

  • Caleb Smidt's Bit Collection

    Episode 8

    Caleb Smidt's bit collection consists of solid, ported bits as well as chain bits that have helped him have the best tie-down roping horses in the game, year after year.