Breakaway Ropers + Tie-Down Ropers = Besties

Breakaway Ropers + Tie-Down Ropers = Besties

In this playlist, breakaway and tie-down ropers work through practice sessions and discuss tips that can help both types of ropers equally. Learn from Lari Dee Guy, Trevor Brazile, Shad Mayfield, Sarah Angelone and more!

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Breakaway Ropers + Tie-Down Ropers = Besties
  • Practice Session: Troubleshooting Getting to the Inside and Holding the Calf

    The way a horse breaks to the pin and crosses over behind the calf is an essential element of a breakaway roper's game. But when that isn't happening perfectly, how do you fix it? In this video, Lari Dee Guy talks through a practice session on her rodeo horse, with solutions coming from a convers...

  • Justin Maass's Breakaway Coaching

    Justin Maass coaches his "right hand" Maggie through a breakaway practice, focusing on crisp neck ropes and timing with a four-year-old horse. He discusses the benefits of holding the saddle horn in practice and how it changed Maggies' departure out of the box.

  • Breakaway and Calf Roping Bits

    Justin Mass goes through his favorite bits for starting colts and moving them up. He explains his preferences for port and shank size along with which horses the bits help. He also brings out his "Come to Jesus" mouthpiece for harder-mouthed horses.

  • Common Swing Mistakes in Calf Roping

    Justin dissects some common roping mistakes and how he teaches people to avoid them. Maass focuses on having a crisp, pointed rope and an effective elbow. He discusses where he targets on calves and where he was aiming when he missed.

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner

    The job of the left hand is to control and guide. Lari Dee Guy explains how to effectively use your left hand when you are riding your horse, and when to keep it still.

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner pt 2

    Trevor Brazile talks about his strategy to line up himself and his horse with the calf for a quick score.

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner pt 3

    Trevor Brazile goes against the grain and offers advice about rein length. He talks about the ideal rein length and why it works for breakaway ropers. 

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner pt 4

    Lari Dee Guy talk about the differences between how she and Trevor Brazile ride. She and Trevor explain some of the differences between how some male and female breakaway ropers ride.

  • Practice on Breakaway Horses vs. Tie-Down Runs

    Kelsie Chace-Domer is one of the few women who ropes tie-down calves and breakaway calves. She talks about the different ways she practices for each event through her horsemanship.

  • Practice Session with Sarah Angelone and Shad Mayfield

    In this practice session, Shad Mayfield is riding one of his good horses, 16-year-old Hot Rod, and Sarah Angelone is riding a 6-year-old horse. Mayfield focuses on keep his horse running through the throw and keeping his left shoulder up. Angelone is focused on keeping her horse free by scoring a...