Breakaway Horsemanship

Breakaway Horsemanship

Elevate your horsemanship skills, crucial for effective breakaway roping. Discover how to control your horse with finesse, responsiveness and precision during breakaway roping runs and outside the arena, too.

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Breakaway Horsemanship
  • Reading a Calf

    Swinging and not knowing where your calf is makes for a difficult shot. In this video, Hope Thompson analyzes one of Lari Dee Guy's runs where she read a tough calf successfully.

  • Correcting a Young Horse for Running Through Your Throw

    Linsay Sumpter demonstrates how she corrects a green horse running through her throw in the breakaway roping.

  • Confident Horses

    Confident horses know their job and love it. But a confident horses goes hand-in-hand with a confident rider. Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson talk about confident horses they've had and how a confident rider gives a horse confidence.

  • Working with a Nervous Breakaway Horse

    Danielle Lowman breaks down a practice session and talks through how she handles a horse being nervous in the corner. She also picks out the points she looks for during a practice session like having a horse stand and leave the corner correctly and stay in position behind the calf. She discusses ...

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner

    The job of the left hand is to control and guide. Lari Dee Guy explains how to effectively use your left hand when you are riding your horse, and when to keep it still.

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner pt 2

    Trevor Brazile talks about his strategy to line up himself and his horse with the calf for a quick score.

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner pt 4

    Lari Dee Guy talk about the differences between how she and Trevor Brazile ride. She and Trevor explain some of the differences between how some male and female breakaway ropers ride.

  • Using Your Left Hand in the Corner pt 3

    Trevor Brazile goes against the grain and offers advice about rein length. He talks about the ideal rein length and why it works for breakaway ropers. 

  • Using Your Body and Your Horse in the Corner

    Lari Dee Guy discusses correct body position for leaving the corner. Your lower half should be leaving the corner first, leading with you feet and seat.

  • Common Mistakes in Getting to the Front of Your Saddle

    Getting to the front of your saddle can help you score faster. Lari Dee Guy explains how to correctly get to the front of your saddle using your core strength.

  • Tuning WPRA World Champion Hope Thompson

    Lari Dee Guy walks us through Hope's practice runs. She discusses Hope's new horse, potential horse training pitfalls and how to work through them.

  • Adjusting to a New, Green Horse

    Hope Thompson talks about a new horse she's riding and how she adjusts accordingly.

  • How to Build Responsiveness in Horses

    Lari Dee Guy explains exercises to help build responsiveness in breakaway horses.

  • Having Confidence in Your Horse

    Having confidence with your horse starts in the practice pen. Aspen Miller explains how practicing helps both you and your horse gain confidence in each other.

  • Patience in the Corner

    Having patience in your scoring under pressure is key as breakaway roping gets tougher and tougher. Top young gun Aspen Miller has ice in her veins, and she explains how she sees her start without panicking.

  • Handling a Strong Horse in the Box

    Making adjustments on a strong horse starts in the box, and how your horse performs in the run begins with how it stands in the corner. Aspen Miller and Lari Dee Guy break down how they troubleshoot a horse like this.

  • Adusting to a New, Green Horse

  • Benefits and Pitfalls of an Ex-Cutter in the Breakaway

    Linsay Sumpter breaks down the benefits and downfalls of an ex-cutter in the breakaway.

  • Freeing Up Your Breakaway Horse

    Breakaway horses can get smart to your throw in competition and in practice, and keeping one free is key to finishing a run successfully. Linsay Sumpter explains how she frees a horse up and why in this video.

  • Horsepower to Get Started in Breakaway Roping

    When looking for your first breakaway roping horse, Lari Dee Guy suggests looking for an older horse that already has experience. She also gives some suggestions about what to look for in the horse's way of going that will make it easier for a beginner to learn.

  • Find Good Help in Breakaway Roping

    If you are new to breakaway roping, don't be afraid to ask for and seek out help! Lari Dee Guy gives some pointers on who to ask to get the best, most helpful information to help you improve your skills.

  • Trouble-Shooting "Cheating" Horses

    Kelsie Chace-Domer has been trying to figure out what she's doing to get her horse scotching in the breakaway roping. She and Lari Dee Guy analyze her horsemanship and her riding to problem solve.

  • Trouble-Shooting Pressure Situations on a Seasoned Horse

    Hope Thompson is riding Lari Dee Guy's great old horse Gangster, who has been to every major setup in the sport. Gangster got a reputation as getting short, but Guy and Thompson brought him to this video shoot to test out if it's THEM or if it's Gangster. The results may just surprise you.

  • Make Sure Your Cinches are Tight

    Having a loose cinch can be dangerous in numerous ways. Linsay Sumpter explains why making sure your cinch is tight is important.