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Horse Profiles

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Horse Profiles
  • Trevor Brazile's Horse "Sic Em"

    Trevor Brazile’s Sic Em was arguably the best head horse the King of the Cowboys ever had, and Brazile talks about the one thing that made the horse so much better than the rest.

  • Chico

    Erin Johnson's palomino gelding, Chico, has stepped up in a big way. Now her No.1 breakaway roping horse, Johnson shares information about Chico.

  • Mayfield's Horse "Rampage"

    Shad Mayfield bought Rampage in 2020 from Wyatt Imus, but they didn’t really click until 2021 after Reno Rodeo. Since then, Rampage has gone from a green, young horse to a natural athlete with a big heart.

  • Ryan Motes: The Rocky and Starbucks Story

    To the Motes family, horses are everything. They spent years creating the breeding program that produced CD Rockstar and CD Starbucks, and when it came time to take the best care of these two great ones, the whole family stepped up.

  • The Jackyl Story

    The story and ropers behind team roping's greatest heel horse, Jackyl, as told by the ropers lucky enough to swing a leg over him. 

  • Patrick Smith's Amigo

    Patrick Smith officially retired his sorrel, big-kneed gelding, in 2019. The gelding is now turned out at Smith’s Lipan, Texas ranch, enjoying retirement after a career that spanned two decades and shaped the career of his two-time world champion owner.Amigo—registered with the AQHA as Sunday Nig...

  • Inside the Remuda: Futurity Standout BoomBoom Firecracker

    BoomBoom Firecracker has nearly swept the American Rope Horse Futurity Association events in 2021. He's a prime example of Brazile's start-to-finish program, and in this video Brazile breaks down what makes him so great.

  • Inside the Remuda: Relentless Glory

    Trevor Brazile's home-raised mare Relentless Glory is one of team roping's top earning mares of all time, and in this video, he talks through a training session on her both heading and heeling. He explains how the reps they take in the practice pen help give her confidence to perform when he pres...

  • Inside the Remuda: Meet Yellowstone

    Yellowstone is one of the great young horses in Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker's horse program. Here's what makes him work and here's the gear they use to keep him solid.

  • Champ's Next Great One

    Clay O'Brien Cooper has a new top horse. "Trooper" has big shoes to fill, but he comes from the right line of great horses to make the leap into greatness.

  • Inside the Remuda: Toybox

    Trevor Brazile's Toybox is one of his favorite young head horses of all time, standing out from his elite pack of futurity horses for his speed, scoring ability, talent handling a steer and mental edge.

  • Inside the Remuda: Rolex

    Rolex is another young horse Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker have been working on together, heading and heeling at their Decatur facility. See inside the program.

  • Famous Lil Jet, "Rollo"

    Justin Briggs talks about what it was like riding Rollo as a strong-willed 2-year-old to when he and Jordon knew the gelding was special.

  • Inside the Remuda: Friday

    Friday is a talented aged head horse that Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker use as a help horse. The horse had a problem with keeping his butt in the corner before Brazile and Baker bought him, and he would shift his hips under the rope in the corner. This video describes how Brazile fixed these iss...

  • The $2,700 NFR Horse: Levi Lord's LB

    Levi Lord is pretty sure of it: they don't make deals like the kind he got on Little Bay anymore. Ten years ago, Lord was a freshman in high school with a little money in his pocket. The South Dakota kid had just been to a truck roping in Texas and won some cash, and he was on the hunt for a high...

  • God and Kory Koontz: The Story of Clay Cooper's Great LB

    Clay O’Brien Cooper rode the bay gelding LB to over a million dollars in earnings, including wins at RodeoHouston, the American and the George Strait. The horse—made by the great Kory Koontz­—had a style all his own and carried the seven-time World Champ to the richest years of his rodeo career. ...

  • Horse Selection: Why Dustin Egusquiza Picked Mohawk

    Dustin Egusquiza had the best regular season of his rodeo career in 2021 aboard the big roan gelding named Mohawk. What did he like about him, and why did he fit Egusquiza's style?

  • What Makes Madison Outhier's Horse Rooster Great

    Madison Outhier talks about what makes her horse, Rooster, one of the top breakaway roping horses. She discusses his breeding, how he was trained and what he does to help her score.

  • Foundation-Bred Breakaway Horse Conformation

    Linsay Sumpter analyzes a foundation-bred mare for versatile use in all of the roping events.

  • Littleman: What Makes Kelsie Chace-Domer's Good One So Good

    Kelsie Chace-Domer has long been dominant on Littleman, her great breakaway horse. Chace-Domer and Lari Dee Guy assess what makes him so good.

  • Erin Johnson's Father's Breeding Program

    Horse breeding has become more and more popular in the breakaway roping industry. Erin Johnson has a history in horse breeding with her late father's breeding program.

  • The Legacy of Bubba

    Great horses are hard to come by. Erin Johnson shares the legacy of her great gelding Bubba and all he has done for her career.